The JPR Phoenix Mobile CCTV Tower is a unique, fully integrated, rapidly deployable security solution proven to deter and prevent crime on construction sites, rail sites, commercial locations and more. The CCTV Tower does not just deter crime but help in project management and provide health and safety monitoring.  

Monitoring CCTV, backed by live audio challenges, is proven to help prevent crime and is available through many different suppliers,however our bespoke system offers the ability to open and close gates, turn on and off flood lighting and provide a constant live link to the control centre. The site security tower, powered by the Welsh Visual Verification Centre is able to provide a complete comprehensive solution with guaranteed system integrity.


The CCTV Tower incorporates all the necessary components to provide the effective monitoring and recording in a 100% anti-vandal ruggedized housing. All our Towers are built to order and are available in a number of colour option to suit your environment. Designed for ease of installation and relocation the units make maximum use of wireless 3G technology minimising disruptive cable runs and virtually eliminating ground work requirements.

The JPR Phoenix site security tower is able to see in the dark, look multiple directions simultaneously and remain alert 24/7. 


  • Construction
  • Void Property
  • Highways Maintenance
  • Rail
  • Events and more
  • Remote Viewing
  • Lock/Unlock Monitoeing
  • Number plate Recognition
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • 100% Adaptable System
  • PTZ Camera
  • IR Illuminators
  • IR Detectors
  • Digital Recorder
  • Public Address
  • Wireless 3G Router
  • Tamper System
  • BS8418 Compliant